I have a 2 hour Minimum(meaning I won't do any pieces that take less than 2 hours to do)

Consultations are by email ONLY,exceptions can be made,but this is the preferred method

Please message me and include the following:

•Reference pics(examples of the subject,colors,texture,etc)
•Size and placement
•A good but brief description of what you want
•Dates that are ideal for you to get tattooed

•I will send you an email with specifics that i need, please respond in the same thread
•Deposit will be sent to you via Paypal

**Artwork is shown on the day of your appointment, any small changes can be made at the tattoo appointment.***

Artwork and appointments do require a deposit, I will not make an appointment or start artwork before I receive a deposit.Sorry, that's the rules!

***PLEASE Do Not ask me to "mimic" another tattoo artist's style, or "copy" someone else's tattoo...This is disrespectful to the artist and the client with that tattoo...I am an eclectic and I do enjoy many styles, I like to make each tattoo unique to that person wearing it..that being said, if you print out a tattoo to show me colors or subject that is fine but I will do it my way :) ****

CASH IS PREFERRED ( Out of Town clients: I will send an invoice via Paypal for deposit)

Deposits are non-refundable
(deposit does go towards the price of your tattoo, if it is a session piece your deposit will be held until your last session and then be deducted)


A 48 hours cancellation notice is required for any appointment, if you don't call/don't show or you cancel the same day as your appointment, you will forfeit your deposit, and will need to put down a new deposit for an appointment.
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