tattoo booking, dustin burt

If you would like to get work done by me please give a description of what you would like. Just a note before emailing, I work best in my own style of artwork and I reserve the right to turn away work that I feel will not work well aesthetically. Please browse my portfolio before you email. I prefer to do a consultation before we start designing. However, I can forgo that part of the process for clients traveling great distances to get work done. All tattoos require a deposit which can be paid via paypal, and varies depending on the tattoo.

When requesting a consultation please provide:
Size and location of tattoo
Theme and/or subject matter
Any reference material
Your location! So i know which shop to book you at.

Please let me know if you are traveling from outside the area. We can forgo a traditional face to face consultation. A $200 paypal deposit we be required for online booking.

I am no longer taking appointments at the Crockett shop until further notice.

Thank you, I look forward to working with you!

-Dustin Burt