common questions

° Do you take walk-ins?
Most of our artists are appointment only but we do accept walk-ins based on artist availability.  For more information please visit the booking section of the website.

° How do I set up an appointment?
The artists generally handle their own schedules so it is best to contact them directly.  For basic information please visit the booking section of the website.

° How much will it cost?
That is like calling the grocery store and asking how much food is.  Cost will vary based on the design itself, the size, the placement and the artist.  It is best to talk with your artist directly about cost.

° Why do I have to leave a deposit?
You have to leave a deposit because we need to know that you value our time.  Before any tattoo can happen we have to spend hours drawing and preparing, if you don't end up getting tattooed your deposit helps to compensate some of that lost time.

° What are your normal hours?
We work mostly by appointment so our usual hours are kind of unusual.  We suggest calling ahead for walk ins, if you get the voice mail chances are we are unavailable that day.

° What is the average wait time for an appointment?
Wait time varies greatly from artist to artist and is something that should be discussed directly with them.

° Does it hurt?
Obviously, next question.

° Do you do gift certificates?
Sorry we don't.  Because most of our artist stay booked and do very specific types of tattoos we choose not to issue them as a studio.  Some artist may be willing to do personal gift certificates so it doesn't hurt to ask them.

° Can I bring my children to the studio?
In the interest of maintaining a safe professional adult environment as well as several safety issues we do not allow children or infants in the studio.

° Can I bring my animal companion with me?
Sorry no.  We all love our furry buddies as well but for obvious sanitation and safety issues as well as the comfort of other clients and the artists we cannot allow animals in the studio.

° Can I bring my friend(s) along?
Your friends are more than welcome, space and manners permitting.  If it's a busy day there may not be room for them in the procedure areas.  If they create any kind of distraction or annoyance they will be asked to leave.  We also don't have room for entire entourages so keep it within reason.

° Can I bring a drink and snack with me?
Yes, we encourage it, especially if its a longer session.  A snack however does not mean an entire meal.  We are a tattoo shop not a restaurant or cafeteria.  Please do not bring anything messy, smelly or in great excess.  No one else wants to smell your lunch or have to clean up after you.

° Is there parking?
Yes.  There are spots reserved for 4333 in the parking lot across the street from the studio.  You are free to park in those spots without charge.