Booking information

Most of our artists are appointment only and all handle their booking a little differently from each other.  It is best to contact the artist you are interested in working with directly.  You can find their contact information on their respective portfolios or in the contact section of the site.

Generally you can expect to have to schedule a consultation appointment.  The consult will give you and the artist a chance to talk about your ideas.  *Please keep in mind that our artists all have very different and specific styles, not everyone is into every idea.*  If you decide to work together your artist will ask for a deposit and schedule the tattoo appointment(s).  If it is a multiple session tattoo your deposit will come off of the final session.
If you do not live in the area the consultation can be done via e-mail with a paypal deposit.

The amount of the deposit and the waiting time for an appointment varies from artist to artist.