booking information

Studio Arcanum is an appointment only studio.  We do not have normal hours or regular walk in availability.  All of the artists handle their own scheduling and everyone is a little different.  It is best to contact the artist you are interested in working with directly.  You can find their contact information on their respective portfolio pages or in the contact section of the site.

Generally you can expect to have to book a consultation with your artist.  It will be up to your artist if they want an in person consultation or if e-mail will be sufficient for the project.  After the consultation your artist will ask for a deposit to hold an appointment time and draw your design.  Deposit amounts and types of payment accepted vary based on the artist and come off of the final session of the tattoo.  Deposits are non refundable and paid to the artist you are working with. 

Through out the process if you have any questions about your design or scheduling please direct all correspondence  to your artist. 

For more information regarding individual artist's booking policies please visit the 'Booking Information' section on their respective portfolio pages.  Click here for Shop Policies